Traveling internationally requires the individual to have the right documentation which can vary depending on the country, the venue and program, and even the age of the participant. A passport is a standard document for international travel and this should not only be current but have an expiration date well past the expected return date of the individual. This ensures that there are no issues when it’s time to come home. Visas are another item that may be required based on the country’s laws, the purpose of the visit, and the age of the student (minor or adult). It is best to work with a reputable agency that already has this information and the connections to help applicants work quickly and easily through the process so they comply.

A detail that most participants in the gap year programs abroad can forget is about their medications. Pharmaceutical items are personal but also subject to searches coming into a country, so travelers need to have proper documentation to justify each of the medications they have in their possession and to leave them in their regular containers. Another point is to ensure you have plenty to last for the time frame you are in the country whether this is a couple of weeks or an entire year. This requires coordinating with your physician and planning so it is taken care of by the time you are ready to travel.

Thirdly, vaccinations are another requirement that is determined based on the country you are traveling from and because each part of the world has its unique medical issues. Some of these may need to be obtained before the finalization and receipt of formal travel documents so be sure to have the medical record of these shots and when they were given. Don’t wait until the last minute to get the vaccinations as the body can sometimes react and you don’t want to feel ill or under the weather when traveling or just after arriving at your destination. The high school semester abroad should be fun, filled with activities and a time of making memories and learning new skills but it’s hard to do all this when you are dealing with the effects of a shot. Agencies that specialize in study abroad programs should be able to recommend the appropriate time frame for each step and assist applicants with completing everything on time so they can travel when they want to.

There are short and long-term benefits to participating in a high school exchange or gap program, but the first order of business is to make sure you are taken care of as a traveler so you can relax and enjoy the trip. Work with the experts in these programs to get documentation, insurance, medical affairs, and legal paperwork arranged in advanced so you don’t have to worry about anything but seeing the sites and taking part in the program’s activities along with your peers.

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