The story is almost continuously similar, the company starts to raise, travel expenses start to become significant, the limit of the credit card is compromised, and the managerial analyst (or the typist, in many cases) starts to not manage so much work and already needs the hiring of new staffs.

Well, it is exactly at this time that the company considers reshaping the processes related to the purchase of trips and recognises the importance of hiring a destination management company specializing in business trips.

Points to Consider Before Choosing a Destination Management Agency

We list the main opinions that your company should take into account before hiring a company:

  1. Innovation and technology

The company must seek agencies that have wounding edge technology and processes, it is not possible, for example, to keep requesting a ticket purchase by phone or even by email, in the middle of The 21st century, the agency needs to have nimble procedures, offer a platform self-booking and a service team focused on customer achievement.

2. Financial reconciliation and invoice

An important support of the travel management process is financial reporting, if the company uses a credit card to purchase tickets and hotel misgivings, it is important to have a transparent list of card expenditures related to travel expenditures. Many companies get lost in this process, producing, with some regularity, conditions of fraud, or even undue group.

3. Modern and responsive self-booking platform

A self-booking stage is a system where the staff of your company can matter and book airline tickets and hotels, it must be easy, nimble, modern, and work well on mobile devices, always seeking and giving the best options, with different filters such as price, timetable, company, and airport.

4. Expense management platform included?

One of the supports of a decent travel management solution is the expenditure management platform, after all, the coffee, lunch, and dinner that the company member makes on their journey must be paid for by the company, therefore, you need to cut the expenditures and request future repayment.

What are destination management techniques?

Destination management is the corresponding management of all elements that make up a destination, including the charms, facilities, access, marketing, and pricing. Solidary contributions destinations take a strategic approach to link these sometimes very distinct entities for the better administration of a destination.

What your company can gain from a destination management platform:

·         Elimination of labor liabilities (with receipts digitized in the cloud);

·         Automation of expenses and reimbursement entry processes, with approval levels;

·         Transparency and visibility of travel policies for all employees;

·         Mapping of cost centers, customers, and projects;

·         Expense reports by cost center, employees, customers, and projects;

·         Possibility to integrate with the company’s ERP, ensuring information security and governance;

·         Agency is not a commodity, understand its services and differentials


The choice of a destination management company india is concerned with to the company’s success and it is essential to ensure the holding of talents and reduction of the company’s corporate expenses.

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